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About Alpha Celsius


Alpha Celsius, established in 1993, is a renowned company that specialises in delivering top-of-the-line solutions for the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems. With a track record of 30 years of excellence, we have satisfied clients from various industries who are confident to work with us.

Our main aim at Alpha Celsius is to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing service that goes beyond their needs. We believe in building long-term relationships based on quality assurance and trust. We understand the importance of maintaining positive relationships with our clients that aid in our success and foster an enjoyable working partnership.

Over the years, our team at Alpha Celsius has garnered extensive experience with industrial applications of cold chain products for food processing, logistics, warehousing, pharmaceuticals, and slaughtering house industries. We possess comprehensive knowledge of local authorities (AVA & FSB) and are well-equipped to provide turnkey projects for cold chain industries.

We at Alpha Celsius aim to provide solutions that cater to our client’s unique needs. Our bespoke solutions are designed by our highly skilled and experienced engineers, who work closely with clients to understand their requirements. Whether it’s cold chain products for small food establishments or large chemical factories, we deliver reliable and cost-effective bespoke solutions backed by comprehensive technical support – ensuring customer satisfaction remains our top priority.


Our mission at Alpha Celsius is to deliver tailored refrigeration solutions of the highest quality that set the industry standards. We aim to provide expert guidance, comprehensive support and technical assistance to our clients by constantly improving our processes and investing in our team’s capabilities.


Our vision at Alpha Celsius is to become the market leader in providing bespoke refrigeration solutions in Singapore, by continually innovating our products and services to exceed our customer’s expectations.


At Alpha Celsius, we are committed to delivering quality products and services. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction by understanding their specific needs and requirements, maintaining open communication, and providing the best solution that meets their standards.


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